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3 tips for remote work


Gitte Andersen, Global Head of Workplace Management & Design at ISS/SIGNAL offers 3 tips for remote working during COVID-19:

“First, keep in regular contact with employees who work from home, and ensure consistent communication, both between co-workers and between co-workers and management. Make sure to keep employees informed, and make sure to provide the necessary tools and platforms for people to communicate, coordinate and collaborate.

Second, boost interaction by activating your camera on calls. Visual interaction is an important aspect of feeling connected and present, and a great way of imposing togetherness while being separated physically. This will of course depend on the actual call. It works best when there are 2-5 participants on a call.

Lastly, it’s important that we remember to have fun and keep in good spirits. Have a virtual Friday Bar with colleagues, share fun and informative tips and tricks for how to stay active and healthy, and do everything you can to create a fun and engaging virtual work culture.”