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3 ways of working at the future workplace

Did you know...

That enabling employees to work from where and when they want, will increase productivity by app. 4% and lead to around 4% reduction in hiring costs?

When planning for the future of work after COVID-19, many organisations
will start to offer a variety of flexible solutions for where, when and how to work. These formats will combine:

The home workstation, providing great flexibility in when and where to work with less commutes, however requiring access to the right platforms for collaborating virtually, and behaviours for staying connected and maintain a sense of community. The office providing a mutual arena for collaboration, innovation, communication and social activities to take place in mixed formats – and meeting hubs within the local community, with easy access to high-tech tools and virtual platforms not accessible from the home office.

All formats will need to support a productive, well and connected work life, with access to the latest technologies and great curated service experiences on demand!