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Cost is still on the agenda


years of evidence collected from organisations across industries and sectors


When creating future workplaces after COVID-19, organisations will maintain a strong focus on reducing costs and increasing efficiency, seeking out possibilities to develop smarter, more sustainable and viable solutions for the future workplace.

With a continuous focus on cutting costs in organisations after COVID-19, many businesses may start to renegotiate contracts with suppliers and outsourced support, lease contracts when exiting office spaces etc.
If executed right, this will present businesses with a potential to optimise the use of space, depending on how remote work or ‘work from home’ concepts are utilised – and this could, with the right combination, release great value to spent elsewhere. So why not reinvest in employees?

At SIGNAL, we have gathered 20 years of insights collected from organisations across industries and sectors and we know, that there are many great and constructive solutions to be applied.