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Safe, resilient & productive workplaces

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Work as we know it is changing. In a matter of weeks, companies worldwide have faced many new and unfamiliar challenges requiring them to rethink current ways of working, and redesign workplaces to promote new and safe behaviours.

To ensure that the workplaces we return to after COVID-19 are safe, welcoming and up to speed, companies will need to create new solutions to support productivity and well-being at work, while enabling collaboration, innovation and communication to take place. It will require redesigning both spaces and behaviour, and creating long-lasting behavioural changes, workplaces that are resilient to future pandemics, and solutions that go beyond a ‘here-and-now’ strategy for returning to the workplace.

At SIGNAL and ISS we know that the best and most viable solutions for a safe, productive and resilient workplace are made by a full revise of both real estate strategies, portfolio strategies and the design of workplaces, services and behaviour – and we are able to deliver it all.

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