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Working from home

Did you know...

In the newest edition of Danske Kommuner, which is the largest professional magazine in the public sector in Denmark, you can find an article by our Chief Consultant, Morten Fisker and Analyst, Anne Bennike Jacobsen on the newest data when it comes to linking working from home and productivity.

“As a necessary consequence of COVID-19, companies all over the world are in the process of reinventing the physical workplace, not least because of the great potential shown in working from home. One of the key questions in connection with the ongoing large-scale reopening however, and one that all workplaces should be asking themselves, is when does the scope of working from home start to have a negative effect on the individual commitment and productivity of the employees. When does it start to impact their sense of belonging? And what about the retention and development of professional practice communities, which are crucial for the quality and competitiveness of the products and services that Danish workplaces need to deliver?”

Read the full article here.