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Optimization strategy

By sharing space we have access to more

We help clients optimise their workplaces by challenging habits for how space is used, resulting in better supported users, access to more facilities and increased workspace experiences. We transform spaces by uncovering all under and un-used resources resulting in reduced maintenance costs and carbon footprint without any rebuild. Change management is a pivotal part of a successful optimization strategy.

  • An occupancy study where data is collected either by sensors or onsite manual observations to get data about where in the building is it most lively, where is it most often empty, where informal meetings take place, etc.
  • A space optimisation strategy that enables a redesign without rebuilding. We challenge user habits for how space is used and deliver the required change management process to make it successful.
Added value

A fit for purpose, more productive and attractive workplace, filled efficiently with people occupancy and an optimised footprint.