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Portfolio strategy

Optimising your places

We help clients optimise their building portfolio by designing strategies for how to restack, reduce, relocate or reinvent the use of the building portfolio. We utilise potentials for reducing rent, rates and ensure utility savings with workplaces, that deliver for the future.

  • An overall portfolio desk study (for a country, a region etc.) mapping buildings into different categories: small, medium and large
  • Feasibility study of potentials for space optimisation and subsequently restacking, relocating or reducing locations
  • Benchmarking occupancy data, including ranking the buildings of the portfolio in terms of gross area, number of employees, lease exit, maintenance cost, etc.
  • Relocating a number of medium sized locations into one large optimised location, or small locations into co-occupied co-working buildings and units
Added value

Potential to optimise space and achieve savings on rent, rates, utility and facilities management.