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Spaces for Me, We & Us

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How do we create a transformable office landscape that adapts  to user needs? Where do I find space for me? Where do I find space for we? Where do I find space for us?

In today’s post pandemic world, working from the office is merely an addition to an already large network of different work locations, from which people choose according to their work tasks. To this end, organisations are adjusting office space to meet the new needs of their people in order to enable them to be their best and most productive at work. From a user perspective work activities can be divided into three categories:

  • Me concentration work requiring quiet space onsite or working from home
  • We collaborative work requiring team space, project space or meeting rooms onsite and online
  • Us corporate activities requiring townhall space, event space or meeting rooms onsite and online

This design concept presents a vision for tomorrow’s workplaces and demonstrates how space is effectively transformed using modular, bespoke components.