Workplace Experts

Who we are
SIGNAL is an advisory and design house with a deep understanding of workplace & human behaviour. We are an independent consultancy founded in 2000 and owned by ISS since 2017. We are a team of architects, interior designers, data analysts, sociologists, anthropologists, change managers, experience designers, communication experts, project managers and economists, benefitting from our diverse nationalities , backgrounds and skillsets. We are trusted advisors to local & global clients, enhancing corporate, facility and people performance.

What we do
We have a strong client focus and deliver workplace solutions tailored to specific needs. Our advisory and design process enable organisations and people to unlock their potential.  Using insights and data we design space and curate experiences to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Together with ISS we can deliver end to end projects from strategy to placemakers on site.

Why we do it
Our process and design impacts the lives of tens of thousands of people daily, year in, year out. We are humbled and cognisant of this responsibility and strive to create inclusive, engaging and supportive workplaces to make the world work better.

How we do it
We apply a mixed research approach to thoroughly uncover the needs of people, while investigating the behaviours that determine the use of space. Our work provides a valued baseline for improving corporate, spatial and human performance, by finding what it means to drive attraction, retention and productivity at the workplace.



Our team of advisors facilitate and help businesses go through change, whether it is assessing occupancy ratio, a change management project or a new office location. We define the scope of work with our clients to ensure that our services are tailored to their needs and wants.

We engage in and facilitate c-suite discussions on what strategic changes are needed, which is a prerequisite for being able to translate strategic intentions into new behaviour and new use of space. We support our clients by providing a clear overview of the consequences and opportunities that strategic decisions have on the design and utilisation of the workplace – whether it being in an existing or new space. We create and manage strategies for optimisation and development of our client’s properties from single buildings to global portfolios.

Our advisory is based on insights and findings from +20 years of workplace analytics and detailed data from projects and people behaviour. We have a long track record with different sectors, including; financials, professional services, hospitality, pharmaceutical, educational, etc.

Our clients come to us for assistance in finding the right answers to key questions, such as:

  • How can we attract, retain and make people productive?
  • How do we stimulate collaboration and innovation within the organisation?
  • How can we implement new ways of working, i.e., adapting to activity-based working – and support our employees in this process of change?
  • How do we combine hybrid work culture with activity based working?
  • How can we use our space in a more efficient way and what are the potentials for space utilization?

For further information contact:

Signe Blomquist CEO Signal

[email protected]


SIGNAL Analytics is our knowledge centre and it has provided data and insights on the connection between people, space and performance for +20 years. We use analytics to create innovative solutions that supports our client’s purpose.

SIGNAL Analytics have surveyed more than 1.000.000 employees and collected insights for more than 250 organisations. We monitor trends and tendencies on workplace and the future of work and based upon our benchmarks, advanced analytics and recommendations, we emphasize the relationships between space, perception and human behaviour.

We have a data-based approach to workplace experience and design. Our knowledge supports change management processes by uncovering needs before creating solutions. We believe in involving users as a precondition for ownership of change processes and obtaining insights from facts enables us to challenge myths and uncover the primary needs for space.

For further information contact:

Simon Svegaard – Head of Analytics

[email protected]


We design places for people to work, live and learn because we believe the workplace should provide holistic support to get work done in the best possible way.

We invite users to be part of an inclusive design process and facilitate behavioural change through spatial intervention. We use data to inform design decisions and we work through progressive stages that result in clear outcomes.

Project data is sourced from a resource analysis of a client’s physical, cultural and digital assets. For us, the project sweet spot is found at the interface between people, space and technology. We design experiences first, before we design space, furniture or details, because we put people at the forefront.

Space matters and our passion is to create attractive and unique environments that are fit for brand, purpose and people at every opportunity. Our projects never appear the same, as we firmly believe one style doesn’t fit all. Technology is the enabler to allow work at the office, at home or on the go and its seamless interface with places and people is something we achieve when we design tomorrow’s work environments.

For further information contact:

Andrew Lo  – Head of Design

[email protected]


SIGNAL curate memorable workday moments, carefully linking company values, priorities and business strategy to the workplace services provided.

Our client’s people, their needs and objectives are the reasons for doing this and therefore, we start here. Using our tools, survey data, leadership interviews or focus group work, we can identify areas where the workplace experience can generate positive impact. Based on this insight, we begin to design experiences linking business objectives and people needs to workplace services.

Workplace experience design can include; service design, event design and management, service staff upskilling, event promotion and hosting, curation, support of wellbeing programs, sustainability programs, Diversity & Inclusion or Employee Resource Group activities.

Together with ISS we bring the Workplace Experience to life via a user-centric support model of onsite placemaking and online community making. This way, we can deliver tailored workplace experiences for people to be healthier, more sustainable and more productive at work.

For further information contact:

Bianca Hermansen – Head of Workplace Experience [email protected]