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SIGNAL is a multidisciplinary consultancy, working with data, space and experience design as a strategic tool to enhance performance, through linking corporate, people and facility performance.

We help clients activate their organisational potential, by using space to improve the way employees communicate, innovate, and collaborate, based on unique data collection, analysis and application. We link people and culture with future strategies of organisations and focus on how optimal space and experience design can enhance relationships between people, so that well-being and quality is unleashed, and ultimately adding value for all stakeholders. SIGNAL’s ambition is to be the global leader in Workplace: Analytics, Strategic Advisory and Design.

SIGNAL is owned by ISS Group and is part of the Workplace Global Centre of Excellence. ISS is one of the world’s largest employers and is acknowledged as a leader in workplace experience and facility management. Among its customers are some of the world’s strongest brands and leading companies, and these are therefore SIGNAL’s core customers.

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